Ana’s 6th Birthday

Sweet Ana,

Today, you’re SIX years old. And I should know, because you’ve been reminding me that this day has been coming every day for the past three weeks. You’ve been that way from the start — persistent and consistent. Even as a newborn, you were on task, knowing exactly when things weren’t going according to plan. You’ve been working hard to whip us into shape all these years, and I think you’ve just about gotten us trained to YOUR schedule!

But you know what? I love that about you. I love how detailed and serious you are. I love that you want to do an excellent job in everything that you do. I love that you want other people to do as well as you do in things, even if that means correcting them and schooling them on how to do it better. (Hey, we all need an Ana in our lives from time to time!) I love that you’re a thinker, that you’re already more logical and insightful than I probably was in high school (or even college!) and that you’re not afraid to voice your thoughts.

I love how already, you’re so serious about reading the Bible. And if I don’t get to it fast enough, I love how you sit Emma down and read the Bible to her as well! I love how you ask hard questions about what Jesus did and who He was. I love how well you remember the stories of faith that you’ve heard and how easily you make application to real life. I love that we can have real conversations about following God and that I can see glimpses of who He’s molding you to be.

I know God has such big plans for you. And I can’t wait to see what they are!

Happy birthday!

Love, Mommy

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