Emma’s 5th Birthday

Sweet Emmy,

I can’t believe you’re FIVE years old today! Even though you’ve changed so much these past five years, there is so much about you that has stayed exactly the same. From that first moment in the Japanese delivery room where there was cheering and laughter, you’ve always brought so many people so many smiles. I remember being so surprised that a newborn could smile like you smiled so early on, prompting everyone around you to giggle, which made YOU giggle! You’re exactly the same now as a five year old with your sunny personality and your cheerful moods. And your ability to laugh uproariously even if you have no idea why you’re laughing.

I love how seriously you take your pretend play, how you want to make sure all of your stuffed animals are included in your games, how you can create some fantastical stories, and how you’re already planning your wedding to Papi. I love how tender-hearted you are, how compassionate you can be when other people get boo-boos, and how sweet you are with other kids, most especially your big sister.

I love how you honestly mean it when you say that you want to give Jesus a hug and kiss. I love that you know how much God loves you. I love that you enjoy church and that you dance to every worship song, hymns and praise songs alike!

I know God has such big plans for you. And I can’t wait to see what they are!

Happy birthday!

Love, Mommy

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