True Woman Bible Study

I just finished a great workbook called True Woman: Divine Design. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a True Woman event where both Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian were among the speakers. I didn’t know much about the “True Woman Movement” when I got the invitation to go to the conference, but within the first few hours of the weekend, it became clear to me that we were all speaking the same language. The True Woman ministry is focused on restoring biblical womanhood in our families, our homes, our society, and our world. It’s not about dividing women over issues like homemaking, careers, children, ministry, or choices — it’s about calling women back to Scripture, not our culture, as our sole authority in defining who we are as women.

True Woman: Divine Design takes what is at the heart of the movement and communicates it into eight weeks of intensive Bible study. Each week in the workbook is divided into five lessons, with a concluding section each week with room for notes you can use while following the round-table discussion posted online at the True Woman website. (A lot of workbook studies involve paying for this interactive part of their study. True Woman makes it accessible and FREE to all. What a blessing!)

While a great deal of this covered material that I’ve studied before, I found it very refreshing to delve into Scripture again on this topic. I learned many new things and was encouraged again and again in my walk with Christ. The ideas are counter-cultural, but they are SO timely and so important for us to know.

I would highly recommend this study to all women. It is worth the work you put into it, and you’ll be encouraged and challenged!

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