Faulkette Funnies

Ana to me, while riding her scooter, “Well, this is not killing me, so it must be making me stronger, right?” You and Kelly Clarkson both, kid.

Emma to me, “You know, when God puts His hand on us, it is hard to see Him sometimes… because He is sneakable!” I had no idea how to respond to this, so I went with my “well, okay then!” default response.

Ana, regarding her circus pony figurine, “She’s sick with the monia.” The monia is almost as bad as pneumonia.

Emma, playing with a Flynn Rider doll, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Ana, playing with the Rapunzel doll, “Just use the ladder.” Easier on her split ends that way, I guess.

Ana, on the great parts of being a girl, “We get to brush our hair all pretty, but boys just wear bow ties and mustaches.” Well, there you go.

Emma, smiling smugly, when we were discussing how Jesus loves everyone, “But Jesus loves the children most of all.” I don’t know that He loves them more than the grownups, but I know for certain that He gets a big kick out of Emma Faulk.

Ana to Emma, as she was micromanaging her across the parking lot, “Emma, if you don’t hurry up, you will get hit by a car, and then you will be dead. DEAD, Emma!” This was enough motivation for Emma to pick up her speed significantly.

Emma, on the subject of her Tim Tebow action figure who arrived with a personal note on the front doorstep (via Nana’s Amazon account), “I always DREAMED I would be Tim Tebow’s buddy… and now I AM!” Dreams do come true, y’all.

Ana to me, “Girls love romance. But boys don’t.” Life will be so much easier on her now that she’s learned this lesson early on.

Emma to Ana, “I think I would like to watch that movie about Captain Jack Sparrow.” Ana to Emma, “Oh, that’s a movie that you’ll only like if you’re eighteen. Or forty-four.” Only if you’re old… or REALLY old, in other words.

Emma to me, “If I was starving to death, you would need to take me to McDonalds.” And this might finish the job of killing her, honestly. (Even so, we still enjoy ourselves a Happy Meal from time to time.)

Ana to me, “Does milk have grain in it?” “No.” “How about cream?” “No.” “Does milk have dairy in it?” What is this? The nutritional inquisition?!

Emma, on the subject of the Tim Tebow figurine’s introduction to krazy glue (yes, already), “His head almost went into my closet, but I caught it! If it had gone in there, I NEVER would have found it.” She speaks the truth — that place is a bottomless pit of toys and shoes.

Ana to me, “Hey, when I’m a grown up, can I borrow your car?” And so it begins…

Emma, in a low voice, pretending to be Wes, “My name is Papi, and I love bacon and cheese!” She’s got him figured out y’all!

One thought on “Faulkette Funnies

  1. Spike speaks says:

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the Faulkette Funnies with us all!! I love reading what Ana and Emma come up with….but most of all I love reading your thoughts on the matter 🙂

    Sara Marinaccio [high school friend of your mother-in-law]


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