Astros Funnies

Some funnies from our weekend trip to the Astros game…

– Ana, cheering loudly, “Go, Asteroids!” She still kept saying this even when we told her that they were the Astros, not the asteroids. Close enough, I guess.

– Emma, regarding the mascot, “Hey, that rabbit is the coach of the team!” Insert your own joke about how this has a lot to do with the team’s skill and ability.

– Ana, when I asked her if she had a good time at the game, “Yeah, but I REALLY wanted to lose all of my teeth during the game.” Should have eaten the ooey gooey nachos, then.

– Emma, when I asked her during the seventh inning which team was the Astros, “Um, I don’t know… are they the blue team?” Someone was really into the game.

– Ana to me, “Hey, the Asteroids are playing the Milky Way!” The Astros were playing Milwaukee. Clearly Ana was making an astronomical mistake. Ha!

– Emma, mumbling into my lips in between innings, “Dis wuh geh uzz un duh KIZZINCAM!” (Translation: This will get us on the kissing cam!) I think you’re supposed to kiss AFTER the camera is on you, but there was no convincing Emma once she cemented her face to mine.

– Emma to me, “I hope the Japanese team wins!” Ana to Emma, “There is no Japanese team, Emma! Just an Oklahoma team!” Negative to both, y’all.

– Emma, when we passed by a homeless man on the way back to the parking lot, “That guy is handsome but NOT as handsome as Papi!” Wes Faulk — better looking than your average homeless guy.

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