Lessons Learned

A few things we’re learning over here…

– I learned that if you buy any pictures at the church directory photo shoot, they give you all the proofs for free. See? Totally worth the astronomical cost of that picture I bought! Look at how cute the girls look in that proof!

– I learned to mow the lawn. Yes, I’m 33, and I just now learned to mow the lawn. I’ve had no need to do so all these years, but now, when Wes’s schedule is what it is with a very busy church and when my schedule is quickly becoming what it is with two children in school, I think “lawn care” can be lumped into the rest of the homemaking responsibilities. I’m thankful to learn and start doing this during the hottest part of the summer because in comparison, it will seem SUPER easy the rest of the year, right?

– I learned to not let Charlie “clean” the floor under our kitchen table. I don’t know how many more times I’m going to have to learn this one (because this wasn’t the first time!), but after a few late nights with Charlie waking up every few hours sick as a dog (literally), I’ve got to learn this lesson. GSDs are known for having sensitive tummies, and Charlie’s inability to properly digest people food is a true expression of his breed. Darn you, people food! Darn you for being so tasty and so poisonous all at the same time!

– I learned, thanks to all of this with Charlie, that I can function with just three hours of sleep a night. But it usually ends up with me crying all over the dog, illogically certain that he’s going to die because he (TMI) just needs some Pepto. Which makes me wonder if they make Pepto, or some similar medicine, for dogs. I did learn in this process that Metamucil is safe for dogs, but I am ABUNDANTLY thankful that we didn’t try this before things got started on their own. Can you even imagine how much worse the situation would have been if we’d been giving him fiber supplements?! Okay, so that was TMI. Moving on now…

– I learned that the Chocolate Outrage GU… tastes just as amazing as the Clif Shot chocolate! Not sure there’s a difference in the price, but still. I told Wes that I’m tempted to snack on them even when I’m not running. Perhaps learning about Chocolate Outrage wasn’t such a great lesson after all.

– I learned that running the washing machine and trying to operate the garage door at the same time will blow a fuse. Had to call Wes at work because I couldn’t get the garage door down, then was relieved when he was so quickly able to assess the problem and even MORE relieved that the problem wasn’t a broken garage door opener. Hooray for smart husbands! Now to figure out what other big appliance combinations will blow more fuses…

– I learned that it’s hot in Houston. Hotter than I ever knew back in college. Our long runs are getting up to two hours, and when Wes takes the 5-7 shift (which he always does), I’m left with the 7-9 shift. That’s also known as the “the-sun-is-up-and-you-are-frying-like-an-egg-on-asphalt” shift. I never knew I could sweat so much, y’all. Degree wise, this is nothing compared to Oklahoma, but the humidity makes all the difference. If I had been training for my first marathon here, I would have given up. Kudos to those of you who learned to run here! You should know that everywhere else in the US you can enjoy a run without feeling like you’re running through Jello.

And, on that note, it’s time for my run. Keep cool out there, friends!

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