Faulkette Travel Funnies

We took a trip this past weekend to Dallas for our nephew’s birthday. I don’t know why, but the same girls who could travel from Oklahoma to San Antonio (a seven hour trip) without batting an eye made this weekend’s four hour drive across Texas (and then back again) into the LONGEST. CAR. RIDES. EVER. Here are some funnies from along the way…

Emma, two minutes into our trip, “Are we still in Houston?” Yep.

Ana to me, “What side is the gas tank on in this car?” Me to Ana, “Why?” Ana to me, “In case we get hit, I don’t want to sit there!”

Emma, after we had just stopped and eaten, “I need to stop and get a snack.” Really?!

Ana, en route to Dallas, “Are we in San Antonio yet?” If so, we’re really off course.

Emma, two minutes into our trip out of Dallas, “Are we still in Houston?” No, though Dallas does look similar at some points.

Ana to me, in traffic, “Why did you stop the car? Is this a parking lot?” Houston freeways DO look like parking lots sometimes.

Emma to me, concerning Papi being left at home alone, “Will he know how to make his own coffee tomorrow morning?!” Let’s hope so, Emma. Let’s hope so.

Ana to me, “You are about to BUNK that car, Mommy!” Actually, I was not about to BUMP that car, but someone is getting a head start on being a backseat driver.

Emma, in the middle of nowhere on I-45, “Are we still in Houston?” Sigh.

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