First Day Funnies

Yesterday was the first day of school for the Faulkettes.

You would expect that after they got home, I got loads of information about how it went. You would expect that the girls told me, in great detail, everything that happened. You would expect that I actually know something.

You would expect that… but you would be wrong!

The best thing about being in kindergarten and first grade is that you don’t sweat the details. The worst thing about being in kindergarten and first grade is that you don’t REMEMBER the details.

Despite the fact that neither girl could give me the full, detailed assessment of the day that I longed for, I did get some great snippets and glimpses of how the first day went…

Ana to me, “We played a game called HangMouse. You had to guess the letters of the word before the cat came and ate you up!” (Like HangMan? Maybe?)

Emma to me, when I asked if she met new friends, “I played with a girl on the playground.” Me to Emma, “What was her name?” Emma to me, “Oh, I don’t know.” (I guess it wasn’t important.)

Ana to me, “We practiced walking tiptoe through the halls. I was VERY quiet.” (That’s what she does best.)

Emma to me, “I ate lunch with a new friend. I told him my name was Emma.” Me to Emma, “Did you ask him his name?” Emma to me, “No, because I already knew his name.” (She’s remembers the boys’ names but doesn’t bother with the girls’ names. What does this say about Emma?)

Ana to me, “There was a girl in my class who LOST HER TOOTH today!” Me to Ana, “Wow! That must have been like the best day ever for her!” Ana to me, “Uh, YEAH!” (Pretty exciting for the teacher, too, I’m sure.)

Emma to me, “My Spanish teacher helped me open my string cheese at lunch.” Me to Emma, “Did you tell her gracias?” Emma to me, “Mommy, she understands English.” (Well, there you go.)

Ana to Emma, “Did you enjoy playing on MY playground?” Emma to Ana, “Oh, yes!” (Still Ana’s, even though Emma goes to school there now, too.)

Emma to me, when I asked why her shirt was covered in grape juice, “I opened my Kool Aid Jammer, and it SQUIRTED ALL OVER!” (Perhaps we need a tutorial on how to prevent this. Or I just need a good supply of stain sticks.)

Today, they’ll spend the day with their Spanish teachers. They’ll probably have lots more to tell me when they get home. Or perhaps they’ll be so confused that they’ll be even more sparing with the details than they were yesterday. We’ll see!

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