Ana Faulk, Missionary and Medal Designer

Ana told me last week about a discussion she had with some friends last year at school…

Ana to me, “Well, [little girl’s name] said that God was alive. Even today, God is alive!”

Me to Ana, “He is!”

Ana to me, “Yes, but [name of another little girl] said that He wasn’t. She didn’t believe that He was still alive, even though we know that He died and was alive again.”

Me to Ana, “Well, that’s sad that she didn’t believe.”

Ana to me, “I don’t think she knows about God. I was going to tell her about Him, but I didn’t get to.”

Emma to Ana, “Well, maybe if she goes to our church she will hear about Him! We talk about Him in children’s church!”

Me to Emma, “You know, she probably would hear about Him there, but not everyone goes to church. That’s why God goes with you and me, with the people who love Him and know Him, so that we can go anywhere, any time to tell people about Him. We don’t have to be in the church to share our faith — we can do it anywhere!”

Ana to Emma, “Yeah, we can be missionaries, even though we’re just kids. Missionaries! Hey, I think I will be a missionary.”


“Or maybe I’ll be the person who designs the medals for RunDisney.”

Well, maybe she can be both, right?

Here’s hoping for more and more conversations just like this…

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