Emma Funnies

A few Emma funnies, for your Friday…

Ana to Emma, after Emma told her she was done playing, “How would you feel if I told you that I didn’t want to play with you?” Emma to Ana, “I would be glad.” Ouch.

Ana to Emma, “Be honest!” Emma to Ana, “I am bein’ honest… what does honest mean?” What indeed.

Me to Ana, as she freaked out about Charlie drinking the bath water (sigh), “His mouth isn’t dirty.” Em to me, “It SMELLS like it is!” She speaks the truth.

Wes, trying to keep Emma from eating everything off of Coach’s plate at Jason’s Deli, “Emma, you can have my cantaloupe.” Emma to Wes, “No, thanks. I will eat Coach’s cantaloupe.” So generous with Coach’s portions!

Em, when I told her not to put something in her mouth, “Well, Ana ate a sticky hand one time.” Yes, so let’s LEARN from that experience.

Emma to me, regarding her future WDW plans, “I think we will go to Belle’s college.” Me to Emma, “I think you mean Belle’s cottage.” Emma to me, “Oh, that’s right. Snow White is the one with the college.” And the frat house full of dwarves.

Ana to Wes, after he mentioned the ancient MySpace, “What’s MySpace?” Emma to Ana, “It’s where the astronauts live.” Love it!

Emma to her stuffed animals, “Okay… who wants a piggy bank ride?!” Like how she “changed” the name of a piggy back ride? Me, too!

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