Rodeo Funnies

Yesterday, Wes got a call at the church. Pasadena is having their rodeo this week, and there was an oversight in scheduling someone to do the invocation… the oversight being that no one was scheduled for last night. They called Wes to see if he was available, and when he said yes, they arranged for tickets for the four Faulks. Woo-hoo!

Now, this was NOT the Faulkettes’ first rodeo… but they were still full of funnies.

– Ana to me, “How much does a cow weigh?” Me to Ana, “Oh, a lot.” Ana to me, “Hey, YOU weigh a lot! Maybe they weigh the same as you, Mommy!” Ouch.

– Emma to me, as they played country music over the loud speakers, “Hmm, that language sounds weird.” Perhaps some Tejano music would have better suited her.

– Ana to me, in a shocked whisper, as they announced that Wes Faulk was going to be praying, “HEY! That’s PAPI!” It’s good to know that she knows his name.

– Emma to me, “I think those cows are sayin’ that they don’t wanna go out there!” The get wrestled, ridden, roped, squeezed in unfortunate places… she’s right, they probably DON’T want to go out there.

– Ana to me, as we approached the area for the livestock, “Oh, I want to be in FFA!” Then, when she could smell the animals, “Oh, I DON’T want to be in FFA!” Well, there you go.

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