Fall Faulkette Funnies

With this weather we’re having, I’m not sure it can really be called fall yet. But that’s what everyone is saying, so here are some Fall Faulkette Funnies. Go ahead — say that three times with me…

Ana to me, “Thanks for the kids’ hamal.” Me to Ana, “That’s a hymnal.” Ana to me, “Oh, yeah! The hymn-uh-null.” Ah, the Baptist Hymn-uh-null…

Me to Emma, “Where are we going to church today?” Emma to me, “Western Baptist Church!” Emma is ten months behind… and still not right.

Ana, walking out our front door, “Ahhh! It smells like nail polish out here!” Breathe in that fresh Pasadena air, y’all!

Emma to Ana, “You know what the first rule of salsa is? Do NOT spill salsa in the car.” I don’t know where she heard that, but that’s a great rule!

Ana to me, after her very long bath, “I’ve got ringling fingers.” Me to Ana, “You have wrinkly fingers?” Ana to me, “That, too.”

Emma to Wes, “I need money.” Wes to Emma, “Why?” Emma to Wes, “So I can start a restaurant.” Ana to Emma, “You should WORK for the money you need to start a restaurant.” Emma to Ana, “I will make the money once I have the restaurant!” Emma believes you have to spend money to make money… or spend investors’ money, at least.

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