More Funnies

Ana to Emma, “In Mexico, they don’t speak Mexican. They speak Spanish!” Kind of like we here in America speak English instead of American.

Emma, as we looked at Halloween costumes, “Oh, I can’t wait to have a baby so I can dress her up as a cute little pumpkin!” Babies are, after all, just lifelike dolls to dress up.

Ana to me, “When I’m a grown up, I’m going to have a swimming pool and a 3D TV at my house. I’m going to be rich, and then, I’m going to give my riches away.” Yeah, she’ll give them away to the pool company and the 3D TV company, but I still appreciate her charitable attitude.

Emma to Wes, “Papi, I can not marry you.” Wes to Emma, “Well, who are you going to marry?” Emma to Wes, “Tim Tebow.” Wes to Emma, “Do you love him more than me?” Emma to Wes, “Yes, Papi. I do.” She changed her tune once Wes tried to get this on video, but we know her first response came from her heart.

Ana, when Emma was too scared to use the hand dryer at a public restroom and asked Ana to get her toilet paper instead, “Emma, what are you going to do when all the toilet paper in the world runs out? Then, you’ll have a problem!” If all toilet paper in the world runs out, the automatic hand dryer will be the least of Emma’s problems.

Emma to me, “When you don’t have any money, you can use a credit card!” Ana to Emma, “No, no, no, no, no! If you don’t have the money, you don’t buy ANYTHING!” That’s it — Ana is in charge of Emma’s finances when they go off to college together.

Me to Emma, “You look like me. In fact, this is exactly what you’ll look like at 33. Except you’ll be married to Tim Tebow, so you’ll be able to afford to have work done if you want.” See? Ana and Emma aren’t the only Faulkettes full of funnies!

Ana to Wes, “You know what I like about you, Papi? You always try your best.” You get an A for effort, Papi!

Emma, examining her hand, “My pinkie is super cute, isn’t it?” I would argue that all of that sweet girl is super cute, but I’m probably biased.

Ana to Emma, “I think I’ll eat some of these mashed potatoes that Mommy burned.” I think she meant “that Mommy COOKED,” but maybe not. Hmm.

Emma to me, “That was CHEWY!” after I caught her eating a fruit roll up with the plastic still attached. And how!

Emma to me, “I am in love with San Diego.” Pretty sure this was about a boy named Santiago, but since he calls her Emily, it’s all good. Love knows no language barriers in kindergarten!

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