The Frankenthon Marathon

Yesterday, we ran our second full marathon, the Frankenthon Marathon in Cedar Park, Texas.

We started this race with some significant wins, learning from our experiences during our first marathon. We drove up to Cedar Park the night before, stopping along the way for two fairly big, healthy meals, then got a good night’s sleep. The next morning before the race, we made sure to eat breakfast, which made all the difference in the world when it came to having energy during the race. As I told Wes, “It’s mile 21! And I haven’t cried yet!”

The course was three laps in a well-shaded, spacious park, and even with the big hills that were involved, it was a very pleasant run. Because this was our twenty mile training run, we took the first twenty miles at a quick pace, then walked/ran the last six miles. Even with the walking, we finished thirty minutes faster than our first marathon. And we finished smiling! Win, win!

Now to prepare for the next marathon in San Antonio…

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