Texans, Ice Cream, and a Hot, Hot Emma

I knew something was up last night when I found Emma asleep in her bed at six o’clock.

Sure enough, she had a 101 degree temperature, and she was still sound asleep (and still feverish) when I tried to wake her up for school twelve hours later. I got Ana ready, took her to school while Wes waited at home with Emma, picked up a few groceries, and came back right before eight o’clock.

She was still asleep!

I’ve got her up, medicated, and in front of the television now. I’m keeping my fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that this is just pure exhaustion after a long weekend, and that it’s not catching. Em has been known to run a “mystery fever” when she’s particularly tired, so I’m sure it’s nothing more than a good old case of worn completely out.

At least I’m hoping it isn’t.

That said, I’m at home all day today and invisibly chained to the living room couch, where my wee one is chatting/napping through all of the Disney channel’s finest offerings. Charlie is being especially vigilant (ie, especially in the way), watching her and sniffing/licking her every time she stirs in the slightest. This would bug Ana, but Emma seems to really enjoy the extra attention and the smelly kisses. Ugh.

Seeing as how I haven’t blogged in a good, long while, there’s a lot to catch up on. Except… there’s not. We’ve been busy, but when I try to pinpoint exactly what we’ve been busy with… well, I can’t figure out why we’ve been so busy! Maybe we’ve just gotten to the point where regular life is busy, huh?

We did have some out of the ordinary fun a week ago when we got to go to our first ever NFL game…

Woot! Woot! Or something like that. A family in our church has season tickets to the Texans and graciously invited us to go and watch the Green Bay/Houston game with them. I was surprised to see firsthand just how much more excited Houstonians are about the Texans than they are about the Astros (really, y’all), and it was a cool experience. Of course, the Texans were undefeated until the Faulks showed up, so I’m not sure we’ll ever be invited back again, but we had a great time.

This past weekend, we went out of town for our twenty mile training run, which ended up being our second marathon. Wes was dealing with some foot pain the week before, so I wasn’t sure if we would actually finish the course. Or, worst case scenario, if we would even START the course. That’s the great thing about paying for races and the hotels you have to stay in along the way. You’re less inclined to talk yourself out of it after you’ve spent the money, and when you’re stellar athletes like we are, you need all the motivation you can get. I’ve already blogged about the race, but I have to tell you again that it was such an improvement over our first one. We really had no idea what to expect back in January, and knowing what we were getting ourselves into made all the difference in being prepared and actually finishing strong. We still hurt right now (and how!), but it’s nothing compared to what it was the first time.

Travel to and from the race included two stops in one of our new favorite places…

Mmm… Brenham…

The first stop was just a stop for a scoop of ice cream. But the second stop was post-race, and I figured I had earned a milkshake…

Mmmm… and don’t I look awesome? And by awesome, I mean completely worn out.

We’ve decided we have to go back to Brenham to take the girls to the “ice cream factory,” and if we time it just right, we may be able to get back for the Blue Bell Fun Run. We didn’t realize we lived so close to Brenham before this weekend!

Before we do that fun run, though, we’ve got our next marathon coming up in a few weeks…

I think this marathon season is going to go more quickly than I anticipated. I’m feeling much better about our odds of surviving it after this weekend’s race!

That’s about it from here. Better go and check on my hot little Em-dilem…

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