Popsicle Pencils

Teacher conference day at the girls’ school, where Emma’s teacher shared a fun story about her with me…

The other day, Mrs. Cole handed out popsicle sticks for the kids to use as spacers between words as they worked on their writing. She gave Emma one, and as she continued passing them out to all the students, Emma raised her hand.

“Yes, Emma?,” she asked.

“Mrs. Cole, mine is not workin’!”

“What do you mean, it’s not working?”

Emma held her popsicle stick like a pencil and tried writing on the paper. “It’s just not workin’!”

“Emma, that’s a popsicle stick, not a pencil.”

Realization dawning. “OOOOOHHHH…”

I’m hoping that she figured out what to do with the popsicle stick once that she confirmed it was indeed a popsicle stick…

… but my suspicion is that she spent the rest of the class wondering where the popsicle that was on it had gone.

I’m sure everyone’s lives are that much richer because Emma continues to give us stories just like this one. I know my life is!

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