Well Done, Wes Faulk

Wes and I were watching Gladiator over the weekend.

After a few minutes, I looked at him, then back at the screen, then back at him, and then back at the screen again.

“You know,” I said. “With your facial hair like that, you kind of look like Russell Crowe!”

He thought about this for a minute, then pointed to the screen, where they were showing the scene between the Roman army and the German (or whatever it was called back then) army. A bearded German (again, whatever they were called) soldier came out and yelled something we couldn’t understand.

“I think I look more like THAT guy,” he said.

I couldn’t find a picture of THAT guy to show you, so I searched and found the closest comparison out there. Our modern day equivalent, if you will…

Well, who knows? Maybe he’s right.

So, now, instead of thinking my man looks like Russell Crowe at his very best… I can’t help but think of Uncle Si when I look at him.

Well done, Wes Faulk. Well done.

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