Ana Funnies

Just a few Ana funnies for your Tuesday morning…

– While playing a game of 20 questions, Ana shouted out, “BAMBOO!” “Do you mean baboon?,” I asked, since we had confirmed it was an animal and not a plant. “Well, that’s what I said, Mommy.” Of course it was.

– Ana was stressed out because she couldn’t figure out how to use the word “as” in a sentence for her homework. “How about ‘Disneyland is just as fun as Walt Disney World,'” I offered. “But, Mommy,” she said, “that’s not TRUE.” It isn’t true — she’s right.

– After school, “Today was the best day ever! We were supposed to go to PE, but we went to the LIBRARY instead!” She is so totally my child.

– As we were driving to school, “Mommy, Emma is acting crazy.” Emma to Ana, “No, I’m just PRETENDIN’ to be crazy.” Ana to Emma, “Emma, you shouldn’t even PRETEND that.” Someone sure does enjoy ending all of her sister’s fun.

– When Emma was talking about how cute hippos are, “You know, Emma, hippos are the most dangerous animal of all. Because they can jump on you with their fangs.” Those must be special Halloween-themed hippos.

– Regarding why the teachers were absent from lunch one day, “Well, the teachers were enjoying the good luck pot.” Pretty sure she meant “potluck,” but I could be wrong…

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