An NBA Town

Last Monday (a week ago, that is) was one of the best days ever for Wes Faulk.

No, it didn’t have anything to do with the presidential debate. If anything, watching that probably brought the sheer awesomeness of the day down a few points. (I’m kinda tired of the presidential race, if you couldn’t guess.) No, it didn’t have anything to do with the shocking weight loss we both experienced post-marathon. (We put it back on in no time, so don’t worry about that.) No, it didn’t have anything to do with Emma being home sick from school and cuddling everyone in her path, Charlie included. (Though that was awesome.)

It was the best day ever because Wes suddenly realized that he lives in an NBA town.

If you know Wes, you know he likes all professional sports, but none ranks as high as basketball. So far in our marriage, we’ve never lived in a town that has its own NBA team, though. When we were newlyweds, we lived close enough to Dallas to claim the Mavericks, but we were dirt poor, Mavs tickets weren’t cheap, and it was still a drive. We did manage to make one game in 2005 because my cousin was getting married right there on the court during halftime. (Yes, for real. Wes and my brother-in-law, Chris, declared that ceremony as the best wedding they had ever attended, their own weddings included.)

Then, we moved to Okinawa, where — would you believe it? — they don’t have an NBA team. We were doing well to find a place to watch the championship game that year, where they had American channels only on the military bases. (We actually saw the Spurs win that year at an empty Dunkin Donuts at Camp Foster, where Ana fussed through most of it and I visited the bathroom approximately nine hundred times in three hours, thanks to an in utero Em, who was jumping up and down on my bladder.)

Our move to Oklahoma brought us closer to the NBA action, with the Thunder only an hour and a half drive away. Still, though, the team was good enough that tickets weren’t cheap, and with the drive factored into our tight finances, we weren’t able to make it to more than just one game.

Now, though, we find ourselves in Houston. Where we live really close to downtown. Where — dare I say it? — the team just isn’t that great. Where we can actually make it to the games as a family.

We went online to see if we could get tickets for the Rockets game against the Spurs… and were surprised to find that the Spurs game was included in a four-game pack of tickets that were cheaper than what we paid for ONE game in OKC. Woo-hoo! We bought the tickets right then and are super excited that all four Faulks will be enjoying some NBA games together soon.

The only question now is… will this lead Wes to give up his beloved Spurs become a Rockets fan? (I doubt it.) Only time will tell!

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