First Grade Politics

Today, Ana and Emma went to the polls.

The polls to elect the next student body president at their school, that is.

And while Emma had trouble remembering who was even running for student body president (eh, who doesn’t, right?), Ana has known all along who she would vote for, based on a single promise this particular candidate made to his first grade constituents.

“He said if he got elected, he would get Justin Beiber to come and sing at our school!,” she told me this morning. “I am voting for HIM!”

I told Wes that they’re teaching hard lessons early on at our girls’ elementary school. The lesson that Ana will learn so very soon? Politicians sometimes lie to get themselves elected. And if this is true for elementary politicians… I can assume it’s true for grown adult politicians.

More reason than any to vote our conscience this morning but to keep our faith ultimately in Christ.

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