Faulkette Politics

Since we’re a week past the election, maybe we can all actually laugh about the results. Right? (crickets chirping)

Oh, well. Enjoy these election funnies from the Faulkettes even if you’re still hacked off!

– Ana, on why she would vote for Barack Obama, “His wife was wearing a pretty pink dress.” Well played, Obama campaign, well played. Of course, she said she’d also vote for Paul Ryan for vice president, so… good luck with that, Obama campaign.

– Emma, on the mock vote they did at her school, “They only had the Spanish computer open, so I had to vote on there!” Wes to Emma, “I think that’s voter suppression, since you couldn’t read the candidate’s names in your own language.” Emma to Wes, “Maybe.” She can’t read them in English either, but… fight the power, Emma!

– Ana, on why she ended up voting for Mitt Romney instead of Barack Obama in the election, “Mitt Romney thinks a baby is a baby in a mommy’s tummy. Barack Obama doesn’t think a baby is a baby until it is born. And I was a baby when I was in Mommy’s tummy!” Maybe this is an over-simplification of the issue, especially since neither candidate was/is known for being a champion for the rights of the unborn anyway. But since Ana was a fetus more recently than the rest of us, I’m going to let her speak her mind on this one.

– Emma, when asked who she voted for and why, “I voted for Obamanuh because everyone else was votin’ for him.” Awesome.

– Ana, as the results were being called, “Mitt Romney is winning! No, Barack Obama is winning! Wait, Mitt Romney is winning!” I tried to explain to her that winning one state wasn’t winning it all. And then I tried to explain that it didn’t matter if most of the map was red because the most populated areas were blue, but… eh. It made very little sense to her.

– Emma to me, regarding the results map, “Why is Oklahoma red?” Because it will NEVER be blue, am I right?

– Ana, to me, on the subject of President Obama’s charisma, “He’s just so fabulous, Mommy.” Perhaps this is why everyone in Emma’s class voted for him.

– Ana, “Emma cannot be president because she was born in Japan. So, when I’m president, I will make a law that you can be president even if you were born in Japan!” Emma, “Hooray for me!!!” I’m not sure Ana understands how checks and balances work, but she knows the president can get things done. And that nepotism is the status quo, even in the Capitol.

– Emma to me, when I told her that President Obama won a second term, “Oh, man! Oh, wait. That’s who I voted for, right?” Again. Awesome.

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