Eight Year Anniversary

Eight years ago today, Wes and I said, “I do.”

A couple of weeks ago, he took the girls out for ice cream by himself so that I could get a break. (And I sorely, sorely needed it that day.) When he came back with both of the girls covered in chocolate ice cream, I told him people were likely looking at him at Baskin Robbins, speculating wrongly on things and feeling sorry for that “every other weekend Dad” who was trying to make the most of what little time he got with his children. I started talking to him about how hard that would be, if he was only getting time with the girls every other weekend, how it would be such a challenge to really know them, and how he would feel like he was missing out on some of the best, day to day moments of their lives.

After saying all this, I looked at him. He looked appropriately sad, and just as I was beginning to think that he’s the best Papi ever for being so moved at the very thought of being an every other weekend dad, he said, “I would miss YOU.”

And that? Is just one of the many reasons why he’ll never have to.

Happy anniversary, Wes!

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