A Few Faulkette Funnies

Some funnies to finish off the semester…

Me to Em, “What does it mean for Jesus to be your shepherd?” Em to me, “It means He bees your boss.” That bees a great answer.

Ana to me, on the subject of my death (really), “Oh, but I’ll be really old when you’re dead. And Gram will be really dead when you’re dead.” I may die, but I won’t die before Gram, at least not according to Ana.

Emma to me, “Ana keeps starching at me.” Pretty sure she meant “staring,” but “starching” sounds even worse.

Ana to me, on Pearl Harbor Day, “Today is an important day in America. Back when we wanted our freedom, we had to fight a big battle with Japan. And because of Abraham Lincoln, everyone could now be free, even Japanese people like Emma.” Well, there you go.

Emma to me, “We learned about a planet called Cupiter.” Me to Emma, “You mean, Jupiter?” Emma to me, “No. Cupiter.” Must be the planet near Laturn.

Ana to me, as we got stuck in a traffic jam, “This sure isn’t like Oklahoma.” Honestly, I can’t ever recall being in a traffic jam in Duncan, so she’s right.

Emma to Gram, “We did a dance… Ana what was that dance called?” Ana to Emma, “The Cha Cha Slam!” Emma to Gram, “That’s right! The Chocolate Slam!” Sounds delicious!

When asked where Wes should take me for our anniversary, Ana, “McDonald’s!” Emma, “Chuck E. Cheese!” Would you believe that they were BOTH wrong?

Ana to me, regarding a song on the radio, “You should buy this for my iPod.” Me to Ana, “I don’t have any money.” Ana to me, “No, Mommy, I mean you should go ONLINE and buy it.” Me to Ana, “Ana, when you buy something online, it still costs money.” Ana to me, after a shocked pause, “Really?” Oh, that all online purchases were free. I would be a rich woman, y’all.

Hope your Wednesday is going well…

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