In Praise of Home Warranties

A few weeks ago, we had two big problems.

The first was a problem that we’ve had for a long while. Our garage door is possessed, basically, and if you’re lucky enough to convince it to open, you’re still not guaranteed to get it back closed. Unless you either disconnect it from the machine or stand on one foot, cross your eyes just so, and tap the little machine that operates it just so. Even then… it probably won’t work. Possessed, y’all.

The second happened when I tried to send some holiday leftovers down the garbage disposal. I stand by my assertion that this would have happened without my help (it so would have), but Wes is still claiming that I killed it with baked beans. Whatever, y’all. Halfway through my bean deposit, it stopped working, and water started leaking under our sink.

As you might remember, we’ve only been in our house for five months. This means that we still have the standard one year warranty that comes with purchasing a home. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, though, you know that I don’t trust home warranties. We had one in Oklahoma, and NOTHING (I repeat, NOTHING) was covered by it. It was such a worthless expense that we failed to renew it after the first year… and approximately three days later, everything in the house started falling apart. (Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. It was probably ten days.) All that fell apart probably likely wouldn’t have been covered anyway, though, so I didn’t count it as much of a loss.

Fast forward to last week and our problems. Wes got on the phone and called the warranty company, prepared to hear that nothing was covered. What he heard instead was that BOTH issues were covered and that we would just pay a small fee for the installation of a NEW garbage disposal and a small fee for an otherwise very expensive repair on the garage door. That little home warranty saved us somewhere between $500-$1000!

Perhaps this is THIS house’s way of saying “sorry!” for all the mishaps in our Oklahoma house. Or maybe this is just the calm before the storm. If so, I’m hoping that this awesome home warranty will cover whatever is about to start breaking.

Either way, though, this was a little happy news for the Faulks for this new year. Woo-hoo!

What about you? Any good news for this new year so far?

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