Faulkette Funnies

Some Faulkette funnies for the weekend ahead…

– Emma to me, indicating her car seat, “We are big enough that we don’t need these!” Ana to Emma, “No, we will still need them even after college probably.” Emma will have probably reached the height requirement to get out of one by then, but… sweet Ana, you speak the truth for yourself, likely.

– Emma to Wes, regarding Heaven and how she will play tag with Jesus, “He’s a big guy and really quick, though, so He will catch me fast!” Can’t outrun Jesus, y’all. That’s some good five year old theology.

– Emma to me, after I told her that she and Ana needed to reach some negotiations regarding the Barbies and their assorted accessories, “What are megosheashuns?” And to Emma, with dread in her voice, “It means getting along.” Oh, darn those megosheashuns with sisters!

– Emma, when asked if she would like us to have another baby so she could have a little brother or sister, “I want a NEW sister.” Ouch. No offense to you, Ana.

– Ana, on the subject of a little sister or a brother, “I would not like a baby brother because boys eat a lot of bacon.” True enough. No brothers, no bacon. So, I vote no brothers as well.

– Emma to Ana, “It’s easy peasy like lemon squeezy!” Ana to Emma, “You’ve got to be kidding me, Emma.” Where do they pick up these little sayings?

– Ana to Emma, regarding a friend who keeps telling Emma what to do, “She sounds very bossy.” Hello, pot; meet kettle!

– Ana, after asked which of God’s creations she likes the best, “My family.” Emma, when asked the same question, “Charlie!” To each her own, I suppose.

– Ana, “I think I would like to have a micro-raptor because it could fit in my backpack.” Because what girl doesn’t need a tiny dinosaur to go with her on all of her adventures?

I’ll be back on Monday with more Disney recaps for those of you who are biting your nails in anticipation. A big “you’re welcome” to all three of you — ha!

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