39.3 Miles… Makes You Sore, Y’all

After the marathon, we were feeling… pain.

But we had park tickets, so after we ate lunch at the hotel and got cleaned up, we headed back out there… very, very slowly and with much wincing and gasping. And with me, in my now standard post-marathon fashion, feeling like I was going to puke all over everyone and everything.

In other words, we were clearly ready for a busy, bustling afternoon and evening at the Magic Kingdom.

We headed straight towards Tomorrowland, the only part of the park we had neglected so far. I’ll admit it — Tomorrowland is my least favorite part of the Magic Kingdom, but every time I go there, I’m reminded that even my least favorite part? Is still awesome. This trip didn’t disappoint. We started at Space Mountain, which I normally wouldn’t ride on a good day, much less on a day when it hurt to even walk, much less cram down into a little rocket ship. Wes went on without me while I browsed the souvenir shops, and once he hobbled off (confirming for me that the rocket ships were all kinds of painful), we went on the TTA, ie the People Mover, where we could stretch our legs out. Ahhhh…

The ride was over way too soon, and we limped over to Buzz Lightyear, then on to Carousel of Progress. We finished up Tomorrowland with the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which is, like Philharmagic, so completely underrated. We love that show so much!

From there, we walked through New Fantasyland, Old Fantasyland, and on into Liberty Square, where we rode Haunted Mansion. Then, we headed through Frontierland, Adventureland (with a stop to ride Pirates, of course), and Main Street. Why did we walk the entire park while we were hurting? Because it hurt worse to stay put and THEN try to walk, so we just kept on moving. Avoiding (or delaying) the pain that way, you know.

We did have to stop for our dinner reservation at the Plaza Restaurant, which is the only place in the Magic Kingdom to get a quality milkshake.

Yes, we planned our dinner reservations around milkshakes. You try running 39.3 miles and see if you don’t do the same. It was as delicious as I had hoped, but I only got one-third of the way through it before calling it quits because once again, I was feeling all kinds of nauseated. I really don’t know why I get like this. I think it’s my body’s way of rejecting exercise, y’all. Curse you, running, and your diabolical plan to keep me from the milkshakes that I love!

After a quick trip over to Adventureland to pick up an orange bird drink cup for Nana, who was taking care of our girls back in Pasadena and deserved far more than an orange bird drink cup for her efforts, we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Up next… Epcot! That’s right — Every Person Comes Out Tired. And we did!

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