Theological Faulkette Funnies

Theological Faulkette funnies to make your Wednesday just a bit more spiritual. You’re welcome!

– Ana, when asked what Adam must have said when he woke up and found Eve sitting there in the garden with him, “WHOA!” Well, she was probably quite a sight, being naked and all.

– Emma, when asked how God made her special, “Well, He made me pretty.” He sure did. And it’s not at all vain to say so, because she’s just praising the Lord for it, y’all.

– Ana to me, in wonder, “You mean, I’m made out of Papi’s rib?!” I can see how she drew that conclusion, but… no.

– Emma, when asked how she could take care of God’s earth, “I could make sure people don’t take things from the store without paying for them.” Not sure how shoplifting made it into a conversation about conservation, but… sure, why not?

– Ana, on why watering the grass as a way to take care of the earth, “It helps the worms in the grass to grow.” And the worms destroy the grass. Circle of life.

– Ana to me, “Okay, I need to ask you a question, to make sure you graduated from seminary.” Me, preparing for a deep theological question, “Go for it.” Ana to me, “What is ten plus six?” Whew, so glad I could answer that one!

– Emma to me, after the girls re-enacted the story of Jacob and Esau, “Can I have dessert now?” Yep, she was still hungry, even after (as Esau) she sold her birthright to Ana (as Jacob) for stew. Knew we cast that little drama perfectly.

– When I took Emma to the playground for doing all of her schoolwork at school (it’s been a struggle), Ana to me, “I ALWAYS do my schoolwork, every day.” Thank you, Ana, for illustrating the second half of the prodigal son parable so well. Now, we shall kill the fattened calf in your sister’s honor!

– Me to Ana, “The red words in the Bible are the words that Jesus said.” Ana to me, “Mommy, the WHOLE Bible is the words that Jesus said.” When she’s right she’s right.

Back to Disney recaps tomorrow!

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