Faulkette Funnies

– Ana to me, “They have bad smog in China because they forgot to pay for the clean air.” Well, they can certainly afford it if they decide it’s worth the cost.

– Emma to me, “I wish we lived in the United States of America.” We live in Texas — close enough.

– Me to Ana, “This song is about Jesus.” Ana to me, “It’s about Rock N Roll Jesus.” ???

– Emma to me, “Ana is starving at me.” Ana to Emma, “Emma, I think the word you meant is STARING. That means looking at someone. The word STARVING means you’re hungry.” Emma to me, “Ana is LOOKING at me.” So glad she has a big sister to clarify these things for her.

– Emma, getting all four of us to do a Team Faulkette cheer, “Come on, Papi!” Me to Emma, “He’s a boy, not a Faulkette. Maybe it should be Team Faulk.” Ana to me, “Oh, no, Papi can be a Faulkette, too.” Lucky you, Papi!

– Emma to me, “I would be sad if Charlie ran away.” Ana to me, “And I would be sad if Emma died.” Emma to Ana, reaching out to hold her hand, “Yeah, because we’re good sisters!” The sign of good sisters — not wishing one another dead. Heartwarming, y’all. Heartwarming.

– Emma to me, regarding the deer, buffalo, and moose heads on the wall at the Country Bear Jamboree, “How can they talk if half of them are missing?” Good question.

– Ana to me, “Kids are more fun than adults. Because they play more.” True enough.

– Me to Ana, “That’s from the books of Romans.” Ana to me, “It’s from Paul’s letter to the Romans.” Well, thank you, miniature Bible scholar.

– Ana, snagging the last homemade brownies while leaving Emma the stale Oreo crumbs left at the bottom of the bag, “That’s fair.” Not really, but Emma went with it. So fair’s fair.

– Me to Wes, “I’m going to kill Charlie if he doesn’t stop barking.” Ana to me, pointing to the 10 Commandment devotional we just finished, “Do not kill.” Well, there you go.

– Me to Ana, after she had been exceptionally rude to her sister, “Ana, you could be any ruder?” Ana to me, “No.” Well, I asked didn’t I?

– Ana and Emma, in the rain, “We’re going to get the CHICKEN POX!” Not sure why they thought this…

– Me to the girls, when I forgot to get their AWANA vests, “You have to remind me! I’m getting old!” Emma to me, “You’re not old, Mommy. You’re just not very smart.” Thanks and ouch, all at the same time.

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