Charlie’s Birthday

Today, our sweet Charlie is three years old! (Yes, we keep track of the dog’s birthday.)

I still remember three years ago when we picked up this energetic furball from the breeders, not completely convinced that he would grow into a real German Shepherd, seeing as how he looked… well, kinda funny. He liked Ana and Emma from the start, though, and was eager to please and excited to learn, even as he trudged his then tiny self through our big, huge backyard in Oklahoma.

He has now grown into a REAL German Shepherd and no longer looks funny. Woo-hoo! He now loves his sheep, Ana and Emma, and is still eager to please, whether it’s by watching over his flock, going on a run, or laying his head on your lap if you’re having a hard day.

We had no idea when we adopted him how much we would love him and how much he would become a part of the Faulk family.

We love you, Charlie! Happy birthday!

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