Surfside Marathon

On Saturday, Wes ran the Surfside marathon in… Surfside, Texas. (Didn’t know there was a town by this name, but there is!)

This was his first marathon to run without the benefit of his wife and conversations like the following one, which is one that we actually had on the course of a previous marathon…

Jenn: So, I’m thinking that if Jesus lived here, in our times? He would be a marathon runner.

Wes: Maybe.

Jenn: Yeah, but He wouldn’t be one of these elite runners. And He wouldn’t be as slow as us. But being fully man, He’d run, you know, somewhere in between the two.

Wes: (after a pause) I don’t know. Jesus was pretty fit.

Jenn: How so?

Wes: He was a carpenter.

Jenn: Yeah, but carpenters aren’t always fit.

Wes: Back then, they were, cutting down trees, hauling wood around…

Jenn: (because it never occurred to me that Jesus just couldn’t run down to Home Depot to get supplies) Really?!

Wes: Uh… yeah.

Jenn: (wondering) Lumberjack Jesus… hmm…

Would you believe it? Without entertaining little gems like this conversation, Wes was able to run his fastest marathon yet!

And then, he ran into the ocean. Cue up Blue October’s “Into the Ocean” and sing along, y’all.

(I would post more about this marathon, but since I wasn’t there and didn’t run it myself, I’m a little short on details. Perhaps you should check Wes’s blog this week for a better summary, huh?)

Way to go, Wes, on marathon number FIVE!

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