Faulkette Funnies

Ana to Wes, “I love you more than caramel corn.” Wes to Ana, “Do you like caramel corn?” Ana to Wes, “Nope.” Feel the love, y’all. Feel the love.

Emma to Wes, “How do we break up, Papi? Do we use our phone to do it?” After she got her Valentine’s Day present, she had no need for Papi, apparently. So, she was going to break up via text. Heartless!

Me to Ana, “Just because a boy wants to marry you doesn’t mean you should marry him. I mean, you might have a LOT of boys one day who want to marry you.” Ana to me, “Yeah, and some pirates, too.” Exactly.

Emma, singing after church, “Oh, victory in Jesus! So, save me from sinners!” Yes, please, Jesus — save me from myself! I think this is even better than the original.

Ana to me, looking around my bedroom, “This would make a great playroom for me and Emma.” Hear that, Papi? We’ve been kicked out of our room.

Ana to Emma, when Emma was showing off her tummy in the Wal Mart parking lot, “Emma, you should not go to Wal Mart naked.” Oh, if only the rest of the world would follow this advice.

Emma, after we asked the girls how they were to behave at a church function, “We should be REAL good to each other and should not act like hollering monkeys. We should act like LADIES.” Good plan!

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