Praying for Ana and Emma

These days, I’m finding that as I’m praying less and less of the prayers that characterized early motherhood for me (that my babies wouldn’t get fevers, that they would be where they needed to be developmentally, that they would finally sleep through the night already, etc), I’m praying more for the far off future than I am for the here and now. While I’m still praying that their ears would be open at school, that God would protect their hearts as they learn to navigate elementary age friendships, and that they would learn some compassion and tolerance for one another already (seriously), I’m spending more and more time praying towards who they will be as young ladies growing into adulthood.

It seems far off from where we sit at six and five years old. But in the same time it took them to get here, from the womb to kindergarten, they’ll be preteens. It’ll happen faster than I can imagine.

So, here’s what I’m praying for Ana and Emma lately…

– That they would know Jesus. REALLY know Him.

– That they would love Scripture and that the stories of who God was, is, and will always be would resonate with them, deep in their hearts.

– That they wouldn’t let an obsession with theology and doctrine distract them from Christ… but that their obsession with Christ would lead them to a love for sound theology and doctrine.

– That they would love the church, even though the people of God make mistakes. That they would desire to see unity and oneness in the body of Christ and would do what they could to build up their brothers and sisters in Christ.

– That they would be free from the burden of trying to please people… especially their mother.

– That they would expect the best of people and would be quick to forgive when people don’t meet up to those expectations.

– That they would be people of peace.

– That they would have thankful hearts.

– That they would have the joy of Christ.

– That they wouldn’t have critical spirits.

– That they would value themselves for who they are in Christ and that they would be confident in who He is transforming them to be.

– That they would be confident in who they are as young women and that they won’t look to men and relationships to determine their value and worth.

– That they would be good friends and would pursue God-honoring relationships with others.

– That they would be fearless when it comes to doing big things for God.

– That they would desire to see Christ known in all parts of the world. That they would be willing to go or to stay, no matter what the call of Christ is for their lives.

– That they would be women of the Word, who trust its truth and its infallibility over their feelings and the constant sway of culture.

– That they would make wise decisions, based on the God’s leading in their lives. That their imperfect parents would be people who they could trust as spiritual advisors and encouragers along the way.

What are some things you pray for your own children?

One thought on “Praying for Ana and Emma

  1. smarin2654 says:

    Amen and amen! Well “prayed”, Jenn 🙂 God has blessed you with two precious girls as much as He has blessed them with you as their mommy.


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