Smooching Ana

Ana to me, listening to a song in the car, “Did you hear that?”

Me, thinking through the lyrics and wondering what she heard, “What?”

Ana to me, “That boy said he’s going to wear that girl’s lipstick!”

Me, cringing at this, until —

Ana to me, “That is so SILLY! Boys don’t wear lipstick!”

Me, relieved that this was the conclusion she had drawn, instead of —

Ana, gasping, “OH! He was talking about her KISSING him! That was how he was going to wear her lipstick, Mommy! He wanted her to KISS him ALL OVER!”

Me, frantically searching for our Fresh Beat Band CD, “Nothing gets past you, Ana.”

Ana to me, “Wow! That’s a very interesting song!”

Sometimes they’re just too smart for their own good. And my own good, frankly.

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