Best Week EVER!

So, last week?  Was potentially the best week EVER.  Why, you ask?  It was a combination of things.

First, there was the Rockets’ game.  Last fall, we opted to buy four seats for four games for the Rockets, and as soon as those games were over and our fun was done, we got ANOTHER offer to buy four seats at four games this spring.  (Brilliant marketing, y’all.  And now that our name is in the system, I bet we’ll get another offer every season!)  We jumped at the opportunity, and the girls were just as excited as the grown ups were to go to the first game!

Then, there was the conclusion of our Prodigal God study at church.  On Tuesday mornings, I’ve been privileged to be able to study through this book with a group of ladies at church, and just when we would begin to think that there wasn’t any more we could learn from the parable, we would be surprised all over again.  Next week, we’re starting Desiring God.  My brain is already hurting, and I’ve already read the book before.  Isn’t it AWESOME when we’re learning and being challenged and THINKING through who God is?  Honestly, there’s nothing better.  So excited about each and every Tuesday morning!

Also on the list of “super exciting things” was the release of my book. Woot, woot! What a thrill, to see that book available on Amazon!

Then, the first batch of printed copies arrived.  Woot, woot!  What an even BIGGER thrill, as my children finally believe that I have legitimately written a book.  (It’s not a book unless it’s in print form, apparently.  Ana and Emma need to get with the times!)  I remember writing the first lines of that book in bumper to bumper traffic on 58 in Okinawa, with newborn Emma fussing in her carrier next to a screeching, one year old Ana, who was eating rice crackers and rubbing her grubby mitts all over the upholstery of my giant mommy van.  If you could have told me back then that I’d only have finished the book once both of those tiny girls were in school…. well, I would’ve just praised the Lord that we had all three survived those early days with a newborn and a one year old.  Forget the book — survival was enough of a miracle!  Praise Him, y’all.  Praise. Him.

The best week ever concluded with… running.  Ugh.  I took two weeks off after the Cowtown because I’M LAZY, and my body appreciated that even less than it appreciated all the back-to-back marathons.  I’m on schedule again, my weight has gone back to running fit, and I’m thanking God for warmer days.

Hope your week is off to a great start! 

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