Faulkette Fruit Funnies

Ana and Emma were discussing fruit with us the other night.

It started when Ana was breaking down the whole of Scripture for us (as she often does because that’s just how Ana rolls), starting with the fall.

“And then, they ate the APPLE.”

Me to Ana, “Are you sure it was an apple?” (Because it only says fruit, not a specific type.)

Ana to me, clarifying, “It was a BAD apple.”

All this fruit talk prompted Emma to proclaim, “You know, we talked about fruit in children’s church.”

Wes to Emma, “What kind of fruit?”

Em to Wes, “Fruit of the Spirit.”

Wes to Emma, “And what is the fruit of the Spirit?”

Em to Wes, “If it’s tasty and tastes like fruit and Jesus says it’s okay… it’s the fruit of the Spirit.”

Wes to Emma, “Well –“

Em to Wes, “But if it’s NOT tasty and does not taste like fruit, then Jesus says it’s bad. And it is NOT the fruit of the Spirit.”


Then, Ana to Emma, “I think you got it WRONG, Emma.”

And that’s your Faulkette fruit, friends.

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