Book Floats

Recently, Ana and Emma had the opportunity to put together some “book floats” for school.

Their elementary school put on a parade of book floats in the library, with each shoebox (or float) being decorated to highlight a book. Emma chose the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni, and Ana chose Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.

Unfortunately, the day we picked to put them together was a day when Papi had two different events on the schedule for church, so Mommy got to handle the two projects solo. We headed out to the store early that morning and picked out all that we would need for each project. Once we got home, Ana was insistent on doing hers all by herself with very little direction from me… which was HARD, because I’m as much of a perfectionist as she is. But I let her go for it, and she did great! Emma welcomed help, so I did some of the harder parts as she directed, and I set up the parts that she could easily do by herself. She also did a great job.

So thankful for these moments to do things like this with our girls!

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