Heaven is Him

Over spring break, Emma’s teacher passed away.

We got the call from the school about it on Monday morning and were told that the students would be told later on that afternoon.

Immediately, Wes made arrangements to be there with me when we picked the girls up from school, both of us wanting to be there to offer reassurances, to give answers, and to offer comfort.

I myself am comforted at times like this to know that a living, active relationship with Christ and trust in His Word makes conversations, questions, doubts, and struggles that much easier to navigate as a parent.  If I didn’t have the assurance of Christ’s victory over sin and death and His promise to restore all that was lost at the end of time, I would have no real, satisfying answers for my children when they ask about eternity.  I can’t imagine how hopeless that would leave us all!

Still, though, there are tough questions to be asked, especially for a kindergarten student who has never known anyone who has died.

We were prepared for these questions when we picked the girls up from school.  And they got in, told us the news, and began talking about death.  They talked about Emma’s teacher, about how it wasn’t so sad after all because she was in heaven now.  And heaven?  Is all about Jesus.  About talking to Jesus.  About playing with Jesus.  About walking around with Jesus.  About knowing Jesus like we know one another now. 

And Ana sighed and said, “I wish I was there right now.”

I’m challenged to know and love Jesus so much that I welcome even death, longing for an eternity spent knowing Him more fully than I can imagine right now…

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