My Husband is Dopey

So, we love Walt Disney World.  And we love marathons.  And sometimes?  We love both at the same time.

We ran our first marathon at WDW in 2012.  And this past January, we ran both a half marathon and a full marathon at WDW as part of the Goofy Challenge.  We had such a great time doing so that Wes was adamant about doing it again in 2014.  Because it falls just a few weeks after our wedding anniversary every year, we’re considering Marathon Weekend our anniversary trip from here on out… because there’s nothing more romantic than running so much that the mere thought of touching one another at all makes you want to cry because you’re so sore that you can barely move.  It’s how the Faulks do romance, y’all.

Anyway, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to do just the marathon or to go all in and do the Goofy Challenge again with Wes. Just about the time I’d decided to go Goofy, Disney marketing made a genius move.  Sigh.

Instead of leaving the Goofy Challenge as the pinnacle of insanity, they’ve created the Dopey Challenge.  If you want to be Dopey, here’s what you’ll do — run a 5K on Thursday, run a 10K on Friday, run the half marathon on Saturday, and run the full marathon on Sunday.  Because you’re still Goofy doing that and you’re now also officially Dopey as well, you come away with six medals and plenty of aches and pains.

Honestly?  It doesn’t sound like much fun to me.  But Wes heard about it and decided that there was no other alternative for him.  He’s going Dopey.  No doubt at all.

And so now?  I have to decide what I’m doing.  Do I go and run one race, sparing myself untold soreness and fatigue?  Or do I run all FOUR (ugh) races with Wes, showing him just how seriously I took those vows nine years ago when I agreed to love, honor, and obey him in all the stupid things he takes on in life?

I think I just answered my own question, didn’t I?  (And, yeah right, like I could let Wes bring home more medals than me.  Whatever!)

Curse you, clever Disney marketing, for tempting my husband with all of your race bling and challenging his male ego with your insanity!

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