Faulkette Funnies

– Cashier at the store to Ana and Emma, “Are you twins?” Ana to the cashier, “No, I’m older than her. But she weighs more than me.” Oh, those will be fighting words in about ten years!

– Ana to Wes, “If you were a girl, you’d be our aunt.” Well, people have said that Wes and I look like siblings, so… perhaps.

– Emma to me, “I’m the evil twin.”  Well, you’re not a twin… but you are evil.  You get credit for being half right!

– Ana to me, regarding the smells coming from the kitchen, “It smells fryish in here!”  Fryish foods are the tastiest foods, so I’ll take that as a compliment.

– Emma to Wes, regarding the commemorative pavement stones outside the Toyota Center, “Did these people die here?  Are they buried here?”  No, their wallets just died a little to get those stones.

– Ana to me, when a Michael Jackson song was on the radio, “Is this a girl singing?”  Oh, how I’ve failed to do my part in educating my children in all things pop culture.  Shame, man.

– Emma to me, super serious, “Mommy.  I NEED your purse.”  Says the child who thinks that credit cards get you things for free. Yeah, so NOT handing my purse over to you, little one…

– Ana to me, after I’d been talking at her for at least a minute or two, “Mommy, I’m ANA.”  Yes, indeed, I mistook her for Emma.  It happens to all of us, you know.

– Emma to me, halfway through the Rockets game, “Now… what sport is this again?”  That’s a real fan, y’all.

– Ana to me, after forgetting a word, “I’m speaking so much Spanish that I’m forgetting English!”  Not sure if this is a benefit or drawback of the dual language learning.

– Ana to me, “The weather changed from cold to hot in the middle of the day!  It was like magic!” Emma to Ana, “No, it was God who did it.”  Ana to Emma, “Yeah, I know.  God is good like that.”  Love it.

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