The Writing Faulks!

We have a new author in the Faulk house.  Presenting Ana Faulk… first grade author (and illustrator)!

“This is a picture, Mommy.  Of you and me, drinking cocoa.  And it is SNOWING outside, you know.”  (So, this story doesn’t take place in Texas.  Continue on…)

The story has everything, doesn’t it?  Drama, intrigue, and plot twists!  And everything gets wrapped up nicely by the end.  Literally, by “The End.”

I think it’s fabulous.

And since I can’t post a picture of the text of the other Faulkette book (well, I could, but that would be a lot of pictures), I’ll just post a picture of the front of the book…

…along with a link to get your very own copy.  Because you’ve never seen that link before, right?  We just got word that the next shipment of books is on its way to Pasadena, so make sure and order a copy if you haven’t already! 

Thanks for reading, friends!

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