An Easter Bunny Story

Easter for the Faulkettes, as it usually does, took place on Saturday this year.  Because Wes is gone long before the girls wake up on Sunday morning and because the great majority of his time on the actual Easter holiday is taken up by church members and visitors, I made arrangements with the Easter Bunny to hunt eggs, get gifts, and celebrate the fun on Saturday.
Oh, yeah.  I’m tight like that with the Easter Bunny.
So, on Saturday, he did his annual “hop by,” leaving gifts on the front step and placing eggs all over the yard, ringing the doorbell once he was done.
And the girls, as they do every year, ran out and tried to see him before he hopped away.  Would you believe that they just missed him?  Shame, man.  He’s a fast one, that Easter Bunny.
(I’m told it’s because he runs marathons.)
Oh, well.  Missing him again this year was no biggie.  Because there were eggs to hunt!
Yes, we hunt eggs in our pjs.  Because we can.  (And, yes, one of our children is in summer pjs and the other is in winter pjs.  Because it’s Houston, and we’re bound to get both seasons in one night.)

Em was pretty jazzed about the eggs.  But she was even more jazzed that her flip flops matched her jammies.  Because she hadn’t had many opportunities to wear them together, and this?  Was more thrilling than all the Easter eggs in all the world.  As you would well imagine, right?

Ana was pleased to discover that these particular eggs were filled with Hershey kisses.  So while Emma pontificated on her shoes and how fabulous she was in them, Ana managed to nab a good portion of the eggs… which she did indeed share with her sister.  Aww… it’s an Easter miracle!
Once the eggs were hunted, the girls moved on to the gifts the Easter Bunny left for them.  He’s gotten wise to them lately and heard my plea that these girls are in need of some school supply items.  (And that their Mommy is in need of some giant bins WITH LIDS to keep all said items stored and put away when they’re not being used.)  You wouldn’t think the Faulkettes would be into this kind of thing, but these days?  That’s ALL they’re into.  Forget Barbies, princesses, stuffed animals, and games — these girls want to write, draw, color, cut, and glue!  The Easter Bunny, somehow knowing this, left them all kinds of notebooks, markers, crayons, scissors, glitter glue, TAPE (a real Faulkette thrill, let me tell you), paper, and coloring sheets — all placed neatly in giant bins with lids that, after some closet cleaning, slide smoothly in and keep everything nice and neat AND keep Mommy from losing all of her marbles over the mess.  Woot, woot!)
Oh, that Easter Bunny is Mommy’s sweetheart.  And I may have given him a few smooches to thank him after he got done preaching the Easter sermon on Sunday…
…err, I mean, after he got done delivering all those eggs to children all around the world. 
The End

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