More Books?

A month ago, we published Resolutions. And, like I’ve said before, I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN with this! I love pretty much everything about being a homemaker and want for nothing more in life than to raise our girls and serve alongside Wes wherever God has him. I’ve always thought, however, that when time and freedom allowed for it, I’d give this writing thing a shot, just for fun. I didn’t anticipate the time or freedom to do just that any time soon and was so pleasantly surprised when it became available at a time when online publishing made it possible to actually do this thing. For real. I was even more pleasantly surprised to find that a handful of people actually ENJOY reading my stories! Who knew, y’all?!

Wes and I agreed at the start of this that if we could make up our publishing costs in sales and break even on the first book, we would go ahead and do another book. I had little hope of this happening (my mother can only buy so many copies for herself, y’all), but Wes was pretty positive about it. And a month out? It’s done better than either of us anticipated. It’s definitely not a second income for our family, but it’s enough to finance a homemaker’s hobby.  The best homemaker’s hobby EVER.  I’m so, so thankful, y’all.

That said, I’ve had a lot of people ask about what’s next with my writing, and I’ve had even more people ask about what’s next for Emily, Sara, and Melissa. I thought I’d let you in on what we’ve got going on…

– Yes. I’m still writing. Yes. I plan to keep on writing!

– There are two more books already edited, revised, polished, completed, and finished. They each have their own ISBNs and cover art, thanks to Wes, who did that work while I was finishing up the manuscripts. (And to tell you how supportive my awesome husband is regarding my homemaker’s hobby, he purchased ten ISBNs. He says he got a deal, but I’m pretty sure he did it because he honestly believes and anticipates that I’m going to write ten more books. He’s so great!)

– In addition to the two that are already completed, I have five additional books planned and outlined. Some of them are more written out than others at this point, but they’re all still most definitely in draft form.

– All of the books are connected somehow to the characters in Resolutions. I wouldn’t technically call them a “series” because the books will be able to stand alone. (You won’t need to have read one to read the others, but you’ll probably enjoy them all more if you have.)

– We’ll be publishing the second book in June. Likely, we’ll start a pre-ordering process sometime in May so that those who want a paperback copy will get theirs closer to the date that the Kindle version goes live. 

– I’ll give you this “teaser” for the second book… it’s about Sara. And it picks up a year after the conclusion of Resolutions. If you enjoyed Resolutions at all, you’ll really love this one. Trust me.  (More details to come!)

– Annnnndddd, we’re hoping to publish the third book in September. If you buy the second book, there’s a teaser for the third book at the very end. I won’t say anymore about it… except that the main character of this one is my FAVORITE of all the characters I’ve written so far. I think she’ll be one of your favorites, too.  (And I can’t tell you who she is because if you haven’t read through to the end of Resolutions, it might ruin one of the surprises of that book for you.  If you have read it and you’re dying to know, message me, and I’ll tell you!)

So, that’s your update! Thanks so much for liking my page on Facebook and for following the blog! I’ll keep you up to date on all that’s happening with the book releases and all the fun that will go along with it.

Happy reading, friends!

One thought on “More Books?

  1. Liz says:

    Sounds awesome Jennifer, you inspire those of us who are homemakers but have hobbies that we would like to see take off! 🙂 God bless your endeavor!


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