Still as Cool as I Ever Was

The other day, as I was driving the girls to school, we heard a fun song on the radio. It was a song I had loved well in college. A song I would periodically sing at the top of my lungs in my apartment, much to the amusement of Sandy, one of my best friends from college. (She’s the one to my immediate left in the picture above. And, yes, I was about thirty pounds heavier in college. Thank you, IHOP and Taco Cabana.)

Anyway, in the car that morning, as I was remembering just how awesome my singing skills were back then and as I was telling the girls all about how it was my favorite song, I decided to just belt it out for them. “Bai-la-mooooooossssss! Let the rhythm take you over, bai-la-mooooossssss! Te quiero amor mio! Bai-la-mooooosssss! Wanna live this life forever –“

Oh, come on. You are TOTALLY wishing that you could be a part of my morning Mommy commute now, aren’t you? I know, I know. It’s like a 7am party on the streets of Pasadena, just like it was back on Cullen Boulevard at Ye Olde UofH back in the day, and —

“Mommy,” Ana said, diplomatically from the backseat, about halfway through the song. “You said your friend would laugh when you would sing this song, right?”

“She would!,” I said. “All the time!”

“Maybe she was laughing AT you, Mommy.”

And I paused and considered this… and concluded that she’s probably right! I thought we laughed through the song back then because we both loved it! But that’s probably not the case.

Before I could be too wounded by this and by the implication that I’m not nearly as cool as I think I am, Emma piped up from the backseat as well.

“Turn it up, Mommy! It’s SPANISH!”

And so I did. And so Emma and I began screeching together, “Bai-la-mooooosssss!” as Ana covered up her ears.

Clearly, I’m still every bit as cool as I ever was… just ask Emma.

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