Well, Well, Well…

Cleaned up the girls’ rooms this morning. For the first time ever, Emma’s room was in better shape than Ana’s… because a good portion of Emma’s toys had been thrown haphazardly into Ana’s room. Well played, Emma. Well played.

On the way home from school, Ana and Emma were having phone conversations with their imaginary husbands, Richard and Daniel. Ana said that Richard was going to bring home chocolate donuts for all of us and then sighed, “I just love him.” Clearly, I’m teaching my girls to love and marry men on the basis of their ability to purchase chocolate products. Well done, Mommy. Well done.

Ana, after helping Emma with her homework, “Well, Mommy, she did an excellent job… kinda.”  Well said, Ana.  Well said.

Emma, after thirty minutes of running around her room screeching about a lost elephant (she has about ten of varying sizes and was intent on finding one particular one), upon discovering said elephant, “I hide-ed him under the BED!”  Well hidden, Em.  Well hidden.

Ana to me, “Aren’t you so happy that you have a gifted and talented daughter?”  Well… humbled, Ana. Well humbled.  (Clearly I myself am NOT as gifted and talented as Ana as I couldn’t come up with a better “well” for this one.  Eh.)

I enjoyed a free book on Kindle… and was then forced to buy the other three in the series because the author has totally sucked me in.  (And the rest — gasp! — weren’t free.)  Well marketed, Kindle author.  Well marketed.  (I shall employ your vicious strategy myself one of these days!)

Figured out how to put events on Wes’s work calendar from my phone.  Added a note to remind him to “buy Jenn diamonds” in between church meetings.  Well executed, Jenn.  Well executed.  (Except not, because I didn’t click on the right calendar.  I’m pretty sure the church secretary got the memo instead.  Hey, maybe, she’ll buy me diamonds!)

Ana to me, when I asked Emma why she had Oreos and markers on her face, “It’s called signs of life, Mommy.  Emmy is enjoying her life.”  Oreos and marker fun = a fulfilling life.  Well defined, Ana.  Well defined.

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