The Last Rockets Game

Last weekend, we went to our last Rockets game.


The Rockets are still playing and are heading to the playoffs, but our great deals on our cheap seats have ended for the season.  So, we said goodbye to the team, to the fun, and to, yes, Clutch the Bear.

There was food, of course.

Because nothing says Rockets like overpriced junk food.  Which, frankly, we love.  (Great picture of Emma, huh?  She was shocked by the awesomeness of her pizza, y’all.)

And because this guy was injured…

… Ana felt her time was better spent doing this…

Seriously, Rockets.  Unless you’re showing Chandler Parsons on the jumbotron, the Faulkettes just can’t be bothered to stay awake.  Sad truth, y’all.

As is the norm with the games we see, the Rockets didn’t show up until the last quarter, where bad calls from the referees and fouls aplenty kept us from inching just one point past the other team for a win.  The calls were so bad, in fact, that I woke Ana up with my booing.  Wes was so proud to see me turn into an obnoxious, bad sport, saying that it meant I finally, really, after nine years with him, enjoy basketball.

And he’s right.

We left the game with Ana screeching, “It was so UNFAIR.  Come on, Rockets!  I’m so MAD!”

Still haven’t decided if she meant the bad calls during the fourth quarter or the bad call to keep Chandler Parsons on the bench.


Either way, we’re looking forward to next season! 

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