Mother’s Day Special

Ahh… Mother’s Day.  A great day to remember and honor our mothers for all that they do.  A great day to spend time with those women who shaped our lives and helped make us who we are.

A great day to freak out because what in the world are you going to buy her?!

Or you’re a guy.  Who has to buy gifts for your wife.  Sure, she’s the mother of your children.  But she’s not YOUR mother.  As if you didn’t already buy the woman enough gifts, right?  What in the world are you going to get her THIS time?!

Friends, I know your pain.  And I have your solution.

THIS WEEK ONLY, we’re offering a Mother’s Day special on my book Resolutions.  Buy a copy for yourself and get a second copy for your mom for half the price!  You get a book, she gets a book, and you’re spared the drama of going to the store and fighting the crowds to buy something she won’t even like anyway.  Trust me — she’ll love the book.  And how do I know that?  My own mother loved it.  And she’s TOTALLY unbiased, y’all.

Again, this week only, buy a copy for yourself and get a second copy for half price!  Just click on this link here to get your deal!

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