Feminine Em

Emma asked if she could help with dinner the other night.  It’s a major thrill for Emma, getting to come into the kitchen, climb up into a chair, and get her hands right in the big middle of everyone’s food.  (You can imagine.) 

On this particular day, she was dressed to impress, as she is most days.  If Emma can wear anything, she always goes for a dress.  And more often than not, it’s a giant princess ballgown.  Because she knows what looks good, you know.

While we were rolling out the dough, she said, “Hey!  I want to use that!,” indicating the rolling pin.  I handed it to her, and she posed in her pretty way with it…

And it’ll be terribly anti-feminist of me to admit to this, but I took one look at this beautiful, impossibly feminine, sweet girl and said, “You’re going to make some godly young man very, very happy in another fifteen years or so…”

And she will.

Unless she plans on using that rolling pin to hit him over the head.  (Which she just might.)

So thankful for a sweet girl who loves everything about being a girl!

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