Just Got Lazy

Once upon a time, I ran a marathon.  And then, I ran four more. 

And then?

Then… I just got lazy.  And ran three miles every once in a while just to say that I could.  Eh.

Yes, y’all. It’s been almost three months since my last marathon, and I?  Am tragically out of shape.  What was the great clue that alerted me to this problem, you ask?  Was it my breathlessness during a recent six mile run?  Was it my general soreness after an easy three mile run?  Or was it the TEN pounds I’ve put on since that last marathon?  (Holy Twinkies, y’all.  TEN POUNDS!)

Honestly, it was a combination of all these things.  And they’ve helped me to reach a conclusion.

I need to start running again.

I’ve declared it here and expect to be kept accountable to it.  Tell me to go out and run, please.  Because it won’t happen naturally. 

Help a sister out!

4 thoughts on “Just Got Lazy

  1. Emily Elledge says:

    I'm certainly not an avid runner as you and Wes are, but y'all have inspired me to start running. I want to paricipate in a 5K, which I know is peanuts, compared to your running accomplishments. So, yes, please keep running, so that more like me will be inspired by you:)


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