Ana Funnies


– Ana, on what animals we all are most like, “Papi is a gorilla, Mommy is a monkey, Emma and I are chimps, and Charlie is a sloth.”  Every last one of us — completely and totally accurate.

– Ana, on how we never actually pay for food with real money at Walt Disney World, “It’s so magical!”  If pre-paying for the dining plan can count as magical, then you bet it is!

– Emma to me, “How did you know I was a girl baby when I was born?  Because I didn’t have long hair then!”  Me to Emma, “Boys and girls have different parts.”  Ana to Emma, “Yeah, girls have eyelashes, and boys don’t.”  Had to intervene and explain some things after this…

– Ana to me, “A boy told me Emma and I were twins even though we weren’t born the same day.  He was not very smart.”  She speaks the truth.

– Ana, regarding her time in the womb, “Yeah, I had privacy back then.”  Should’ve just left you in there, then.

– Ana, going to get her haircut, “Is this place a beauty shop?  Because I feel beautiful!” Well, there you go.

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