Awkward Ana and Nosy Mommy

We took the girls out to dinner the other night.

About halfway through the meal, I noticed that Ana kept staring at the couple in the booth next to us.  They were clearly on a first date, and awkwardness seemed to be abounding. 

“Ana,” I whispered, as she continued to stare.  “Don’t stare.”

“Mommy,” she hissed back, in a whisper loud enough for at least half the restaurant (and most certainly the couple next to us) to hear, “I think they’re on a DATE.”

Hello.  We’re the Faulks.  And we just made your first date that much more awkward.  You’re welcome.  (Just glad she didn’t state the obvious, which would have been, “And I don’t think she’s all that into him.”  She most certainly was NOT, y’all.)

I was puzzling over why Ana would do something like this, where she gets this nosiness from, and how she would feel so free to just blurt out her opinion on other people’s business.

Then, once we got out to the parking lot, where yet another couple (older than us, y’all) was clearly making out in their car, I proclaimed, “Look at that, Wes!  At their age, surely one of them has a place to go back to.  Why are they resorting to –“

And he looked at me, with eyebrow raised.

Clearly, Ana gets it from me. 

Learning my lesson and keeping my mouth shut.  Thank you very, very much.

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